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By now you’ve probably noticed the large “your ad here” signs to the right of this post, and on the front page. I thought it was worth taking to a moment to explain why I’ve chosen to put adverts on the site, and how they will work.

Just A Theory has actually always had adverts; a small box of text provided by Google. It fits in easily on the site and is generally inoffensive. It’s also, for the most part, ignored. Now, while I’m not looking to make my fortune writing on Just A Theory, I would at least like to cover the hosting costs. On the other hand, I don’t want to compromise the integrity of the site by filling it full of adverts.

Recently, I was introduced to Project Wonderful, and their model for advertising immediatly interested me. Rather than providing adverts based on the content, as Google does, Project Wonderful lets advertisers bid on spaces. As you can see, the advert on the right will currently cost you $0.05 a day to fill.

This method has two immediate benefits. First, advertisers actually look at the site and decide if their product/service fits in with Just A Theory. Second, all adverts must be approved by me before appearing on the site. As a result, readers will hopefully find that they are actually interested in clicking on the adverts, and everyone is happy.

I’ve seen it work on other sites, and actually found myself clicking on a few Project Wonderful adverts because they were well tailored to my interests. I’ve decided to take Project Wonderful for a trial run, and see how it works out.

It might be that no-one bids, in which case I’ll probably take the adverts down and forget all about it. Or, we could get some interesting advertisers who are actually offering thing you want. We’ll have to wait and see.

Please do let me know how you feel about the adverts, and whether you think they interfere too much with the site. Alternatively, if you have something you’d like to advertise (and that you think the Just A Theory audience would be interested in), why not click on the adverts and set up a Project Wonderful account?

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