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I will be spending all this week helping out at World Conference of Science Journalists at Central Hall Westminster, so you can expect nightly blog posts on my activities that day. This morning, I headed down to Westminster at noon to begin setting up at the conference. This mostly involved boxes. Lots of boxes.

A quirk of architecture – a flight of five stairs – made moving said boxes an almost farcical affair. To get everything to the exhibition hall, we had to take the goods lift from the ground floor to the third floor. A short circuit of the building later to a regular lift, it was down from there to the first floor. Repeat as necessary.

Besides the various materials needed for the exhibition stands, we also had to put together around 800 delegate bags. This required an assembly line of various leaflets, but when the bags were ready they had to be taken to the reception area. Whilst everyone else toiled away stuffing bits of paper together, the job of shifting them all fell to me. So if you’re attending the WCSJ, when you pick up your nicely packed delegate bag, remember that I personally lugged around every single one of them!

Not much in the way of science then, and I unfortunately had to miss the conference reception at the Science Museum. It’ll be an early start tomorrow, but I’m hoping to blag my way into at least a few sessions. All will be reported in the evening.

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  2. I would also like any delegates to know that my sweat and blood are, quite literally, in those bags that Jacob valiantly shifted.

    By katie goates on Monday 29 June, 2009 at 10:55 pm

  3. Jacob and Katie: From one of the delegates there, my heartfelt thanks!

    By Horacio Salazar on Sunday 5 July, 2009 at 11:29 pm

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