Comment »Posted on Thursday 25 June 2009 at 4:25 pm by Jessica Bland
In Biology, Getting It Right

Despite appearances, here at Just A Theory, we don’t spend all our time trying to bash the media’s representation of science. Sometimes we try to join in. This week I even managed to get something published internationally (hurray!): here is my short article in The Economist.

It’s on recent research that shows that dinosaurs were not as big as we thought. In the spirit of Just A Theory, I try to go beyond the “Jurassic Park was wrong” story and explain, with the help of one of the research’s authors, a little bit about what they say in the actual paper. Leave a comment if you can – it only takes a second to register on The Economist website. It would be great to know whether people really want to know more than just whether Brachiosaurus weighed the same as three or seven African elephants…

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