Comment »Posted on Tuesday 19 May 2009 at 8:19 pm by Jacob Aron
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Today marked my first appearance on Imperial College radio, on Mission Impossible, the official sci-comm radio show. Joining me from the blog was Sam, and the role of producer lay in Colin’s capable hands. If you’d like to have a listen, you can stream the show here – it actually begins about 4 minutes in, after some music. Presenting this week are Tim and Felicity, with Adam on the mixing desk. The show consists of:

  • A run-down of the latest science news.
  • Discussion with our studio guest of the week, PhD student Christina.
  • Report from the British Association of Planetaria conference
  • Scientific version of Call My Bluff.
  • Interview with Professor Wendy Barclay about her recent bird flu research.
  • Preview of Emergency in the Womb, a documentary on Channel 4 later this week.
  • Interview with P.D. Smith, author of the book Doomsday Men.
  • And finally, a roundup of the latest Web2.0 news.

Mission Impossible is broadcast every week, although myself, Colin and Sam will only be on fortnightly. The other weeks are handled by another team, including Seth and Jess. If you want to check out their first show from last week, you can stream it here.

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