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It occurs to me that I haven’t really spoken about the course at Imperial that much recently, and today seems like a good time to rectify that.

This term is split into two, with four of the optional modules finishing last week and the other four starting from today. Of course being the fool that I am, the three modules that I have chosen to take are all in this half of the term, meaning I’m going to be pretty busy from now on.

I’ll be studying international science policy, science and fiction (not quite the same as science fiction!) and radio. Three quite distinct options, but my interests are rather broad!

In addition, work is progressing on the group project we have been assigned: produce a piece of sci-art. My group has chosen to explore the use of religious language by scientists, in the form of a pentaptych – five scenes from the life of a professor, in the way that a saint might be portrayed. I’ll be playing the professor in the photos that will make up the final image, which should be…interesting. I’ll probably post some pictures once it’s done.

Finally, we’ve been asked to start considering our dissertation topic. I’m tentatively exploring “The Portrayal of Science in Video Games” as a title – not, as you might be thinking, so I can play games instead of working. Rather, I view games as an increasingly important part of our culture, and I’m interested in the effect this might have on people’s perception of science. From the bio-hazards of Resident Evil to the gun-toting physicists of Half-Life, there’s definitely some interesting work to be done – and as far as I know, no-one has ever looked at it before.

All of this means I’ll be nice and busy over the next month – I pretty much have a major deadline every single week of March! There will be no rest for the wicked either, as revision will occupy most of the Easter break before exams on the first day of the summer term.

Still, the plan is to keep on blogging as much as possible. I’m hoping the daily schedule won’t slip (I’m nearly up to 7 months after all!) but I guess we shall see how it goes…

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