Comment »Posted on Saturday 6 December 2008 at 8:29 pm by Jacob Aron
In Space & Astronomy

I’m afraid I’m in full on essay mode this weekend, so today will be brief. Thankfully, this is the last essay of the term, so soon it’ll be all Just A Theory, all the time.

What I have for you this evening is an interesting astronomical quirk. If you’ve been staring up in to the sky recently you might have noticed two very bright stars, quite close together. In fact, these aren’t stars at all, but a very visible Venus and Jupiter. We are also experiencing a crescent moon at the moment, and if you’re in the Southern hemisphere these three astronomical bodies may have come together quite satisfyingly to form a smiley face, much like this one :)

There are some great photos around, so if you were unable to see it don’t worry. The Daily Mail have a few nice ones, as do the BBC, but my favourite has to be this one on Astronomy Picture of the Day. It’s currently enjoying a spot on my desktop background!

Can you spot the face?

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